Hi, I’m Emily!

I started this blog with the desire and need to do something for myself. I became a stay at home mom a few months after having our son, Lucas. I felt like my days were becoming a blur as I supported my husband’s firefighter career, changed diaper after diaper and wiped ketchup and chicken nuggets off sticky fingers all day. 

I absolutely love being home with Luke all day, but I longed to do something that I enjoyed outside of being a mom and wife. Luckily for my family, they still get to benefit from my newfound hobby as they get to enjoy endless amounts of home cooked meals!


My husband (Matt) and I welcomed our first born in August 2018. That beautiful baby boy, Lucas, stole our hearts and filled our home with so much love. Parenthood has been very eventful. Couple of tears, lots of laughter, and a lot of WTFs, but we’ve loved every single second of it, so much so that our sweet boy is getting promoted to big brother in May 2020! 

Our dog, Paisley, and I will be outnumbered with boys around here. This mama will have her hands full, but I am looking forward to raising some lucky girls’ husbands! With some wine and lots of prayers, I will survive being a boy mom of two under two. 


My “office” is no quiet zone– no white noise or silent sanctuary. It is filled with the sounds of my future linebacker ramming his cars into my cabinets, our dog being chased around the kitchen island by him, and my lovely husband, Matt, coming in and out of the garage asking me for the umpteenth time where I moved one of his tools that he placed on my counter days ago. 

I like to keep Matt busy with a list of house projects. One of our biggest projects since moving into our home has been the kitchen. It is my absolute favorite area in the entire house. Kitchen dance parties, family dinners, and lots of laughter fill that space and will always hold my most treasured memories.